DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit in 3 Easy Steps

Hi you guys! I hope you’re all having a great week! After last week’s HOLIDAY TABLESCAPE post, I got a ton of questions about the glittered pears on my place settings, so I wanted to give you guys a quick run down of exactly how I made them. I am not an expert on DIY metallic glittered fruit, nor am I a highly “crafty” person, but these were so SUPER EASY to make, that literally anyone could do this in 3 easy steps.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit


1) Artificial fruit of your choice.

2) Metallic Spray Paint

3) Adhesive Spray

4) Glass Glitter



I decided to use a metallic copper paint for my pears and apples. I placed them in a shallow cardboard box and spray painted them with one coat of paint. I kept the paint can about 10-12 inches away from the fruit so the paint did not spray on too thick.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit

The paint that I’ve linked above is my favorite spray paint because it is not too thick and doesn’t easily run. I used latex gloves on my hands so I could pick the fruit up by the stem and paint the bottoms.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit



Once the paint was dry, (about 5-10 minutes) I transferred the fruit to a different cardboard box because I wanted to make sure I had a place to catch the extra glitter. You could also use a piece of cardstock paper. I applied the adhesive spray around the top half of the metallic fruit. This is by no means an exact science. I just tried to get a thin coat of adhesive around the top and partway down the sides of the fruit.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit



Once the adhesive is on the fruit, just sprinkle the glitter over the top and along the sides. If you want more sparkle, you can add more adhesive and glitter. Use your cardboard box or card stock to catch the excess glitter and pour it back in the jar.

And that’s it!! 3 steps to beautiful metallic, glittered fruit.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT GLITTER: The key to beautiful, DIY metallic glittered fruit is GLASS glitter. To be honest, I had never heard of it before, but it turns out it makes all of the difference. I originally tried regular glitter and freally didn’t like the way it looked. After a bit of glitter research, I found glass glitter and was amazed at the difference!

How to Make Metallic Glittered Fruit in 3 Easy Steps

I love how this pear looks on my Christmas tablescape mixed with the other copper elements.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit

And they are equally beautiful hanging from a frosted tree.

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit

You could use silver or gold paint and matching or contrasting glitter for an equally beautiful look!

I hope this simple DIY project inspires you to get a little creative this holiday season!

DIY Metallic Glittered Fruit

Have a beautiful day!

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