5 Minute Fall Decorating-Easy Vignettes

Decorating for fall does not happen all in one day at our home.  It is a slow transition with little sprinkles appearing here and there throughout the house.  A pumpkin here, a few acorns there, a wheat wreath...subtle indicators that the seasons are changing. Brighter summer colors give way to fall warmth and there is no easier way to make this transition than with easy vignettes.

Below is a simple formula for creating  vignettes for any season.

5 Minute Fall Decorating - Easy Vignettes


The key to a great vignette is to create height, width and depth.  

Stacking and layering multiple elements is the best way to bring a beautiful look together. I usually establish a base for my vignettes using books or trays and then add elements on top and behind to create multiple dimensions.   

On my living room console, I stacked linen covered books first and then added smaller leather bound styles. Soft pink and green flowers in a hammered copper pitcher say fall without being too much. A simple mercury glass candle adds a touch of brightness and  a simple wheat wreath, layered in the background. finishes the look.


The large table behind my living room couch requires more oversized elements in order to fill the space, but the same principles apply in terms of layering.

5 Minute Fall Decorating - Easy Vignettes

In this case, I used vintage suitcases and antique books as my base and to add some variation in height.  My favorite lanterns help to fill the space without being too overwhelming.

Adding eucalyptus and dried hydrangea in a trophy cup gives this large vignette some softness an a subtle fall touch .The easiest way I know to decorate for fall  is with pumpkins.  Since it is early in the season and the fairytale pumpkins that I love aren't available yet, my favorite faux white pumpkins fill in the layers on the suitcases.  They are not all front and center, some are just peeking out from behind the flowers, but that is the appeal of layers and dimensions. 

5 Minute Fall Decorating - Easy Vignettes-23.jpg


It's important to consider the scale of the decor elements you use in a vignette.  Too many big pieces will not work together and too many small items will look cluttered.  I try to gather together 4-6 different types and sizes of elements to group together. For me this usually includes a base element, such a books, a tray or suitcases. A seasonal floral arrangement that can be small or more prominent.  A  candle or candle element like lanterns, to light in the evenings and something seasonal, such as pumpkins.

5 Minute Fall Decorating - Easy Vignettes

It's also important to consider the size of the table or shelf you are decorating.  Huge books on a small table will look too bulky and tiny acorns on a large table will get lost.  The point is to vary the size and scale of the elements to create some interest, levels, and dimensions that make someone want to look more closely.


The base layer of my vignettes often includes books or a tray

On the second layer of a vignette I add a floral element and a candle or lantern.

The third layer of the vignette brings in seasonal decor sprinkled into the open spaces.

Click the photo below to see a video of how this vignette came together!

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These vignettes took only minutes to put together, by using just a few things I already had around the house.  Hope this helps you to create your own fall vignettes!  Let me know if you find these tips helpful!

Have a wonderful day!



5 Minute Fall Decorating Guide-Easy Vignettes


Below are a few of the items I used in my vignettes or if the original is no longer available, I've linked similar looks.  

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