Make This Spring Flower Arrangement in 3 Easy Steps

Hi you guys! I hope you're all having a great week!  I'm popping on today to give you a super quick and easy tutorial on how to make a beautiful spring flower arrangement that is centerpiece or gift-worthy for Mother's Day or any other special occasion.  I literally made this arrangement in 10 minutes using a few fresh flowers from my garden and a couple of store bought flower bunches. 

How to Make a Spring Garden Arrangement-12.jpg
Step 1: Prepare your Container

I have found this to be an easy way to make any container work for a loose garden arrangement.  I chose this medium size zinc container, but you could use any container you have on hand.  You will need some floral tape, which is usually available at any craft store or easy to find online.  It generally comes in this dark green color or clear.  I use both, depending on if I am using a glass or opaque vase.  

All you have to do is make a grid on the surface of your container, like you see above.  Make sure your squares are not too small, or you will have trouble getting your flowers stems to fit.  The tape should be firmly attached to the sides without being so long that it will be seen once you put your flowers in. This size grid seems to work well for most arrangements.

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The second step is to add your greenery.  I got a bunch of bupleurum (The greenery with the small yellow flowers) at my market and the rest I picked from my yard.  I had a huge oregano plant in my garden and a small eucalyptus that I foraged.  I also cut a few branches off of a hedge that I wish I knew the name of...My point is, don't be afraid to go out into your yard for your greenery. 

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The point of this step is to make a good base for your flowers. I simply cut the stems to varying lengths and placed them inside the tape grid.  I made sure to remove any lower leaves from my greenery, which creates more space and keeps the water fresher. I let some of them hang over the edge for a softer look. 

I reserved a few sprigs to use at the end to fill any holes.

How to Make a Spring Flower Arrangement
Lighting (8).jpg

This is the fun part.  Once you have a base of greenery, you can start adding flowers.  For this arrangement I used some bright pink roses from my garden, and some white peonies, pink ranunculus and snowball viburnum (the one's that look like baby hydrangea) that I got from the market.  Don't be intimidated by these can use pretty much anything you have in your garden or can find at the market.  I happen to love all of these blooms, so this is what I chose, but be creative and experiment! 

 A little fact:  This is the Miranda Lambert rose and I absolutly love it!  I found it at Home Depot this year and it is my new favorite addition to our yard!

A little fact:  This is the Miranda Lambert rose and I absolutly love it!  I found it at Home Depot this year and it is my new favorite addition to our yard!

I started by adding a larger flower first and then working my way around the edge of the container. It is important to insert these flowers at an angle so they cover the edge of your container. The tape grid will help keep your stems in place. 

 I cut some of the flowers a little longer so the arrangement had a more natural and asymmetrical look.

How to Make a Spring Garden Arrangement-9.jpg

Once I had all of the edge flowers in place, I only needed to add two or three to fill in the center.

How to Make a Spring flower Arrangement

I finished by adding a couple sprigs of greenery to fill in any holes.

How to Make a Flower Garden Arrangement

And that's it!

Easy right?!  

So the next time you need a centerpiece or a gift, don't be afraid to play with making your own's simple and fun!

How to Make a Spring Garden Arrangement.jpg

I'm adding a few sources below for this container and a couple other great options, as well as the floral tape.

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