Ideas for Styling A Rustic Elegant Living Room

Hi Friends! I am running around a bit this week, getting ready for Romantic Homes magazine to come shoot our home.  I'm super excited and kind of nervous and will share all of the details with you next week!  In the meantime, I wanted to show you guys an area of my living room I haven't shared before.

Rustic-Elegant-Living-Room Decor-13.jpg

This is the space opposite our seating area, where our piano sits.  In all honesty, I have struggled with how to style this area since we moved in this house.  Because the piano sits in the corner, there is a kind of awkward wall space next to it that is too small for a seating arrangement, but too big to leave blank. We have tried several different furniture pieces in this room, from tall armoires to chairs and tables, like you see below, but nothing really worked well or made sense.

Rustic Chic Living Room Makeover

While I liked the chair and table arrangement above, it never really worked because it just felt "lonely"...especially since on the opposite side of the room was a full seating arrangement. I shared all of the details on HOW I STYLED THIS ROOM a couple of weeks ago. 

 The opposite side of the room with a spring topiary styling on the accent table.

The opposite side of the room with a spring topiary styling on the accent table.

So with the magazine shoot happening I decided I better figure this wall out once and for all.   Luckily, inspiration struck when I was in our guest bedroom.  There was a desk in there, under the window, that was never used, except occasionally when we had houseguests.  It occurred to me that we had never tried it in our living room. (maybe one of the only pieces of furniture we haven't put in there...)  

Rustic-Elegant-Living-Room Decor-7.jpg

I convinced my husband to help me drag it out there (and we literally dragged it because it weighs a TON!) and lo and behold it was the perfect fit!!  It filled in the wall beautifully, without being too overpowering and gave me a great opportunity to add some pretty styling to my living room.


It provided the perfect anchor for the framed sheet music I got from Restoration Hardware a couple years ago. (Sorry to say those pieces are currently not available)

Rustic-Elegant-Living-Room Decor-4.jpg

I am a huge fan of and old, so adding the desk gave me the perfect place to display some of my favorites.  I also added this simple lamp (also from he guest bedroom) because the shade blends nicely with the framed art and chair.


I recently found this vintage botanicals book with hand painted prints and I love how it looks sitting open on the desk. Again a repeat of the pretty linen color.  I often stack leather bound books in vignettes on tables.

Pink and White Flower arrangement in Urn

And of course every new surface is a place for me to add a flower arrangement.  I especially love that this area is big enough for a large arrangement in this vintage urn.  I can imaging changing this arrangement often depending on the season. 

The blend of vintage and more modern or streamlined is the perfect combination to get that rustic elegant look I like so much.  

Rustic-Elegant-Living-Room Decor-11.jpg

The final touch was this simple linen armchair with an embroidered pillow.  I kept the look really simple and classic, but still in line with the style that I love.

Overall I am really happy with how this little corner looks now and think I've finally found the right look in this room.  At least for now...

Have a great day friends!



Below are a few sources for some of the items you see here.  Because I "shopped my house" to create this look, many of these products are no longer available, so I've sourced similar items for you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

 Click on the picture to get purchase info about the desk.

Click on the picture to get purchase info about the desk.

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