15 Unique Vase Ideas From Rustic to Classic

Happy Friday my friends!  I hope you've all had a great week and are looking forward to something relaxing or fun this weekend!  I've been busy playing with a lot of beautiful spring blooms this week as well as planting my vegetable garden, so I am definitely in the mood to talk all things flowers!!

This week, rather than a how-to on making a flower arrangement or centerpiece, I thought I would share with you some of the unique containers I use for flowers, including a few that might surprise you!  I was thinking that most of you might have several of these types of items at home, so my hope is to inspire you to think outside the box (or vase, in this case) and maybe reach for something different the next time you have some flowers to arrange.

1. Enamelware Coffee Pot


I found this vintage coffee pot at one of my favorite second hand stores in Montana and use it nearly every week for greens and wildflowers.  This is the perfect size for a kitchen center island or dining table.

2. Black Cement Urn


This urn always held potted plants in my back yard until last fall.  I was looking for something different to put some fresh flowers in grabbed this out of the garage.  It has now become a favorite "vase" for any season.

3. Fishing Creels 


I love using these so much for all types of flowers.  I actually wrote a whole post, last summer about exactly how to arrange flowers in these types of baskets to keep them fresh for days.  If you want to see that you can find it HERE.


The great thing about these types of baskets is they can sit on a table or hang on a door or wall!


4) Boxed Bottles


This is one of my all time favorite EASY centerpieces!  I cannot tell you how often I grab a bunch of flowers at the market and put them in this vase.  I always get questions about it and have given the source to many friends!

5) Vintage Silver Champagne Bucket


I shared with you last week, on the centerpiece tutorial, how much I LOVE using vintage silver pieces for my arrangements and centerpieces,  This champagne bucket is one of my all time favorites!

6. Clay Pots


Although not traditionally used for fresh flower arrangements, clay pots are a great way to give an arrangement that fresh from the garden feel.

7. Old Buckets


I would not normally use a dented old copper bucket for a table centerpiece, but sometimes it is just what is needed.  In this case, I wanted a rustic feel and was using some copper elements on the table, so I put some eucalyptus and roses in this bucket and it was the perfect container.


Similarly, this old wooden bucket is the perfect vessel for garden roses and eucalyptus.  I put a watertight vase inside the bucket to keep the flowers fresh.

8. Footed Bowls


There is something so elegant about flowers arranged in a lovely footed bowl.  While this mercury glass bowl was designed to hold flowers, you could use any ceramic or glass bowl you may have.  If you want the details on how to make this exact arrangement in 3 Easy Steps click HERE.

9. Silver Beverage Bucket


If I'm having a party, I often use this beverage bucket to chill wine or sparkling water, but sometimes I need a large vessel for a centerpiece and this is always a go to  item.  I use floral foam inside the bucket to keep all of the blooms fresh and in place.  You. can see this entire spring tablescape HERE.  (By the way...some of these flowers are faux...can you tell!?)

10. Picnic Basket


What is prettier than a bunch of fresh flowers spilling out of a picnic basket?  I love this look so much and often use these on my kitchen island or in the middle of a casual dinner table.  The same technique can be used that I describe for fishing creels.  Get all of the details HERE.


11. Sugar Bowl


This is one of my favorite petit containers to grab for a small arrangement.  I have several sugar bowls that often just sit in my cupboard, so when I need a little arrangement for a bathroom or small table, they are the perfect size!

12. Tin Cans and Pencil Holders


On occasion, I have been known to empty out my pencil holder and put fresh flowers in it.  The same is true with the tin can from last night's dinner.  Just take off the label and you have a great rustic country arrangement.

13. Rectangles


I love to move away from traditional round containers and explore some different shapes. This pretty mercury glass container has held candles in the past, but with the addition of some chicken wire inside, it becomes the perfect vessel for an elegant arrangement. 

14. Squares


Wood or cement squares are great for a more structured arrangement.  Use a plastic insert to keep the container watertight and some wet floral foam to keep your arrangement secure.  I posted a tutorial on how to make this white rose arrangement in 3 EASY STEPS a few weeks ago. You can find it HERE.


15. Pitchers


Maybe not the most unique but often the prettiest in it's simplicity.  I love to use my water pitchers for an easy arrangement in any season.

I hope these photos give you some ideas for using different vessels you might have at home for your centerpieces or flower arrangements.  Many of my containers are vintage finds from second hand shops, that I have had for years.  For your convenience, I am linking a few items below that are available online and would work great for any of these applications, but keep your eyes open the next time you are antique shopping or maybe just in your garage or china cabinet...I bet you have some pretty amazing "vases" you never knew you had!


JUST SO YOU KNOW: This post contains affiliate shopping links.  I have linked identical products where I could and similar products if the original was not available. As always, if you have questions about any of the details shown, feel free to contact me!