Me in a Nutshell…

Full-time Momma and Wife +Aspiring Photographer + Yoga Teacher + Wanna-Be Decorator  + Part-Time Cowgirl + Creative Spirit 

Hi! I'm Karen and I love everything about home, family and entertaining!! From building and designing new homes to furnishing and decorating every room, for me it's all about creating a warm and beautiful space to live in and share with others.  It's also about sharing our home with the people we love and gathering together often.

My family lives part of the year in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the rest of the time on a secluded 500 acre ranch in Montana.

My husband and I have built three different homes in our LA neighborhood in the last fifteen years and our family has moved several times in the process. (My least favorite part!)

We have also remodeled our Montana ranch and built two guest houses on the property in the last five years.  

We have three kids who are growing up far too quickly!  My oldest son and daughter are in college, so our house is much quieter now.  My thirteen year old daughter is in middle school and I am loving every second that I have with her, knowing our time together is fleeting.

With some time on my hands, I wanted to find a way to share what I have learned in my journey from novice home builder to confident decorator and home designer.  I also share some deeper lessons I have learned as a woman, mom and wife.

For me putting the words SANCTUARY and HOME together was the perfect combination. It is the epitome of what I want to create in the spaces that I live in with my family and the places that I gather with those I love.  You can read more about creating our personal sanctuary HERE.

These pages are designed to share my journey with you and to  hopefully  inspire you to create your own personal SANCTUARY in your home. I'm so happy you are here!